Despite nearly two decades of training in movement centered theatre, I am continuously in awe of the effect that movement training has on the confidence, physicality, and range of actors of all ages. I offer workshops in several types of theatrical movement including:

  • Stage combat

  • Commedia dell'arte

  • Biomechanics

  • Acrobatics

  • Juggling

  • Neutral Mask


Stage Combat


Skills Proficiency Test (SPT) through the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD)

As a Certified Teacher through the SAFD, I offer SPT classes in any of the Society's eight recognized weapons styles:

  • Unarmed

  • Rapier & Dagger

  • Broadsword

  • Quarterstaff

  • Sword & Shield

  • Knife

  • Small Sword

  • Single Sword

*** If the actor has already completed the SPT and simply needs a renewal, Skills Proficiency renewals (SPR) can also be scheduled.  For information about the SAFD and their testing procedures, feel free to contact me or consult the SAFD website at:



Workshops are also available for beginners wishing to receive and introduction into stage combat or to focus on a specialized area of training. I am able to customize workshops to the individual needs of each group. Previous workshops have included:

  • Fightin' Funny

  • Falls and Rolls

  • Basic Unarmed Combat

  • Single Sword for any Occasion

  • Swashbuckling

  • Found Weaponry

  • Swing for the Fences

Other Movement Classes

Tailored to fit the demands of the group, I offer a variety of workshops in movement styles.  With these workshops classes, they can vary from one hour sessions to three day intensives. Past classes have included: Juggling, Mime, Neutral and Character Mask, Tumbling/Acrobatics, Contact Improvisation, Introduction to Circus Work, Commedia Dell’Arte Characterization, and Commedia Dell’Arte Movement.