Teaching Experience

University of Central Florida (2015 – present)

  –  Directing I - TPP 3310

Introductory course exploring the rinciples and techniques of play direction. The class includes: selection of a text, directorial analysis, casting, composition/picturization, blocking, tempo, and rehearsal planning.

 –  Acting I - TPP 2110                                                                                      

Introductory acting class focused on the exploration of communication and storytelling. Students train to develop skills in script interpretation and analysis, honesty on stage, character development, and physical approaches through performance based exercises.

 – Acting II - TPP 2170

Course designed to introduce the young actor to broader acting vocabulary.  The students work to discover and develop acting technique through exercises strengthen the voice and body, increase imagination and concentration and encourage trust.   

 – Acting III : Characterization - TPP 3173                                                        

This class focuses on character development utilizing Uta Hagen’s character analysis and intense scene analysis.

 –  Acting IV - TPP 4140                                                                                                    

Upper level acting course designed for the exploration and application of acting technique through advanced scene study.

 –  Musical Theatre Acting II - TPP 3252                                                                       

An exploration of practical acting technique as it applies to musical theatre scene study. 

 – Stage Combat - TPP 4512C

Training in the technical and aesthetic aspects of violence for the stage highlighting the use of acting, vocal, and movement training to explore safe portrayals of violence on stage. The class culminates with a SAFD Skills Proficiency Test.

 –  Intermediate Acting  - TPP 3103                                                                                 

Advanced acting course for Theatre studies majors, BFA design/tech majors, and theatre minors. Course explores the practice and execution of monologue, scene, and devised work through both physical and internal approaches.

 – Graduate Acting Studio III - TPP 6146                                                                          

Advanced acting course for Graduate students focusing on period styles including Greek, Commedia, Restoration, Moliere, court movements, and neutral mask.

University of Mississippi (2013 – 2015)

 – Theatre Appreciation - THEA 201         

An introduction to dramatic principles though the study of major periods, representative plays, and areas of theatrical practice from the Greek period to the present. The course focuses on the development of the theatre with an emphasis on contemporary texts. The course will include analysis of written texts as well as an exploration of the future of the theatre in the United States.

  Stage Combat - THEA 330/331

Introductory performance course focusing on the development of proper technique in a chosen weapon's style. The class adheres to the established guidelines of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) and culminates with a test class with a recognized SAFD Fight Master.

McClennan Community College (2012 – 2013)

– The Art of Theatre   DRAM 1310                                      

Course focusing on the portrayal of theatre arts as a reflection of society, a response to basic human needs, and a creative, collaborative art form; includes an investigation of the theatrical elements of acting, staging, and literature, ranging from the major historical periods to today's contemporary theatre and film.

Theatre Practicum III: Box Office    DRAM 2120               

Procedural and practical course for marketing and front of house duties. Students train in ticketing for the production season, house management, basic promotion skills, and other business related procedures.


–  Introduction to Smallsword (Summer 2012)

Introductory course for students of the National Stage Combat Workshop covering the principles of safety, proper technique, and acting with a theatrical prop.


–  Acting for Non-Majors THEA 1314 (Spring 2012)

Introductory acting course exploring basic principles of realism, ensemble acting, Commedia dell'arte, and improv.

–  Theatre Appreciation THEA 1206  (2010 – 2011)

Introductory course is designed to develop an informed and engaged appreciation of the theatre arts through an overview of the historical context and conventions of theatre as well as the basic elements of acting, design, directing, and dramatic literature.

–  Stage Combat   THEA 4395  (2009 – 2010)

Led the entire semester of an introductory course in stage combat, focusing on unarmed, quarterstaff, and rapier/dagger. Emphasis on proper technique, safety, and acting.

–  Acting Shakespeare THEA 2302 (2011)

Teaching Assistant

  Theatre Appreciation THEA 1206 ( both sections) (2009 – 2010)

Teaching Assistant


–  Introduction to Circus Work

Introductory course utilizing the techniques of mime, clowning, and acrobatics. Students focus on body awareness, learning basic techniques including, juggling.

–  Movement for the Stage

Basic skills course in stage combat, focusing on unarmed combat including falls, rolls, and throws. Emphasis on proper technique, safety and partnering.


–  Theatre Appreciation   SPTH 290

Lecture-style class. An introduction to all aspects of theatre including history, development, and production. Class enrollment of 40-50 students.


Student Evaluations

"He didn't just sit back and teach; instead, he would take us step-by-step through everything we did (whether it was a scene or a monologue) and probe for better and stronger answers for the actions we made. As a result, I have a more critical eye for acting" 

TPP 2110

“David Reed is an insightful, dedicated and caring professor. He cares for his students but still holds them accountable which, to me, is an ideal professor in any major”

TPP 4140

"All of the exercises kept my attention while also making me think deeper about what acting entails. He was especially helpful when he worked with the partner scene groups individually. He is encouraging and used a lot of different techniques to teach." 

THEA 1314

“He really cared to relate to his students, which is really appreciated. He talked like we were one-one, but he was talking to 150 students.”  

– THEA 1206

“He understands how to get ideas across to this students and explains the material in a way that we can understand.”

  THEA 1206

The instructor showed great interest in this class and has inspired me to follow up this class with the stage combat that is offered in the spring. This class gave us the artistic freedom when it came to working on scenes, but we still used the foundation that Mr. Reed taught us at the beginning of the class. One of my favorite classes that I looked forward to going to every week.

– THEA 330

"He makes class so fun to be in and makes you really want to learn about everything he is talking about. He never once made any student feel stupid or awkward for asking a question or voicing their opinion. He is an absolute wonderful professor!"

– THEA 201

"The instructor loved hearing different points of views which helped the student not be afraid of "right or wrong" answers when it came to what they thought."

– THEA 201

“The content of the course was great - we were learning skills that we would never have learned in another class, all the while having fun. This is what a class should be like.”

DRAM 1310